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Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Wheel - Premium TPE Mat Material 12.6 Diameter (Purple)

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Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Wheel - Premium TPE Mat Material 12.6 Diameter (Purple)


Other Details

12.6 inches

Key Features

  • HIGH STRENGTH YOGA WHEEL (PURPLE): Cultivate a healthy mind, body, and soul with an innovative yoga wheel designed for stretching, body alignment, and deepening your yoga practice at any level.

  • BODY & POSTURE BENEFITS: —Access deeper variations of backbends, release muscle tension, build core, alleviate back pain, open the chest, shoulders, back, hips, roll out the spine. —Reverse poor posture, master advanced yoga positions—, and use to warm up and prevent injuries.

  • IMPROVE BALANCE & FLEXIBILITY:— Strengthen and enhance your balance. —Stretch the entire body.— Improve and develop spinal flexibility and posture. —Use as a body roller to care for the muscles and bones.

  • FOR ALL YOGA LEVELS: — Amazing prop for all guided levels from Beginners to Yogi Practitioners. —Great for Athletes, Cheerleaders, Gymnasts, Dancers, Physical Therapists, Working Professionals, and more.

  • DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS:— Durable circular shaped design made with Premium TPE Mat Material for additional cushioning and remarkable comfort. Lightweight, portable, and easily transports to the home or studio.— Measures approximately 12.6” in diameter and 5” in width


Product Description

Take your backbends to the next level with the hottest, must-have yoga prop.

Stretch the possibilities with the Sivan Health and Fitness® Yoga Wheel! Cultivate a healthy mind, body, and soul with a lightweight circular shaped accessory seen worldwide by celebrities and well-known yogis in the most trending pose sequences. Add fun to your everyday routine, exercise program, or yoga practice to achieve the ultimate backbend, increase flexibility, and build your core at any level. Enjoy health benefits that improve posture, release muscle tension, alleviate back pain, and improve balance for a peace of mind.

Reach your potential at any level with a prop for laying, stretching, and rolling!

Beginners can be gracefully guided toward simple stretches while advanced practitioners deepen their camel pose and heart opening movements like backbends and forearm balances. Incorporate this accessory to balance your everyday routine, pre-class warm up, or to reverse poor posture from prolonged sitting or driving. Feel the amazing benefits of a yoga wheel whether you'’re an athlete, cheerleader, gymnast, dancer, physical therapist, or anyone looking for new ways to stretch.

Achieve the perfect pose and posture with a beautifully crafted wheel and revolutionary design!

We'’re reinventing the wheel with a durable, high performance circular shaped accessory designed to endure repeated heavy use. It’'s made with a specialty type of injection molding and premium TPE Mat material for additional cushioning and remarkable comfort. Enjoy a lightweight, portable yoga essential that easily transports to/from your next workout session. (Select from 3 colors) Measures approximately 12.6” in diameter and 5” in width.

The perfect yoga gift for beginners to advanced yogis!



Shipping Dimensions Shipping Dimensions 14"*6"*14"

Shipping Weight Shipping Weight 2.2 lb

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