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Sivan Health and Fitness Rolling Saddle Massage Stool with Hydraulic Adjustable Controls (Beige)

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Sivan Health and Fitness Rolling Saddle Massage Stool with Hydraulic Adjustable Controls (Beige)


Other Details

Metal / polyester

Key Features

  • COMFORTABLE SADDLE SHAPE DESIGN: the saddle shape design and thick foam padding ensures that the masseuse keep their postures accurate while performing long and extensive massages

  • Hydraulic Height Adjustment: the controls in the stool have hydraulic height adjustment which will ensure the masseuse to adjust height for various massages.

  • EASY TO GLIDE: this saddle rolling stool has been fitted with smooth rolling casters which will allow the stool to glide easily from one position to another ensuring that the masseuse doesn’t have to walk all the way from one point to another.

  • EASY MAINTENANCE: because the stool has a leather cover on the saddle seat it will be easy to clean with just a damp cloth. Absolutely easy to use and zero maintenance makes the Sivan Health and Fitness saddle type rolling stool ideal for all massage centers.

  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: these Sivan rolling saddle massage stools were manufactured with you in mind. Using only high quality materials in the creation of this product, so that you get the best of your purchase, having the stool last longer that the regular lifetime of a standard massage stool.


Product Description

This is a very comfortable saddle shaped massage rolling stool with adjustable hydraulic controls which will allow the masseuse to adjust their heights according to the various positions required during massage. The rollers attached to the stool will allow the masseuse to move from one position to another while sitting. Therefore not get exhausted while performing extensive massage sessions as well. This is a very comfortable and easy to use stool with a seat that is 15inches in diameter and covered with foam padding of soft leather. The soft leather padding allows the masseuse to sit comfortable while performing massages and the saddle design reduces pressure on the legs and encourages proper body posture. Sivan Health and Fitness has ensured that only high quality and high pressure foam is used in the making of the saddle stool so that the posture is well supported and the masseuse doesn’t get back pain during long hours of massage sessions. The high quality water resistant leather used on the stool’s seat ensures that it can be cleaned well with just a damp cloth, which means that this stool will require no maintenance. This rolling saddle stool from Sivan Health and Fitness is absolutely perfect for massages where the masseuse has to be on various positions.



Shipping Dimensions Shipping Dimensions 19.5"*9"*20"

Shipping Weight Shipping Weight 12 lb

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