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Sivan Health and Fitness Half Massage Round Table Bolster (Blue)

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Sivan Health and Fitness Half Massage Round Table Bolster (Blue)


Other Details

Polyester / foam

Key Features

  • HALF ROUND CUSHION BOLSTER: this is an ideal half round bolster for massage table with a one strap handle

  • PROVIDES INSTANT COMFORT: this bolster cushion instantly relieves tension in the back, neck, or legs for clients looking for a relaxing massage

  • STURDY SUPPORT: this half round massage table bolster offers sturdy support to the client looking for massage. It can ideally be used to support the neck, ankles or side posture. The focus of this bolster cushion is ideally the whole body.

  • HIGH QUALITY PLASTIC: the Sivan Health and Fitness massage table bolster is made from high quality plastic that makes it water resistant which makes it ideal for use commercially.

  • AVAILABLE IN BLACK COLOR: the cushion is available in black color and is for sale in brand new condition only.


Product Description

When you buy this Sivan Health and Fitness massage table bolster, you will have at your disposal cutting edge tools that will enable you to perform the most relaxing massage for your customers. This is a very innovative massage table bolster as it can be used for easy relaxation of the back muscles, leg muscles, neck, ankles and the side posture. Ideally the focus on the cushion is to allow the person to relax while the masseuse works on tension areas on their body relieving stress one by one. The Sivan Health and Fitness massage bolster is made from high quality plastic and is also water resistant. This means that no matter what massage oil is being used, the masseuse can relax as they will be able to clean their massage bolster with the help of a damp cloth only. No other company has been able to come up with such innovative massage bolster cushion. The one strap allows the masseuse to hold the bolster in place along with the massage table so that there is no disturbance during the massage session.



Shipping Dimensions Shipping Dimensions 24"*4"*8"

Shipping Weight Shipping Weight 1 lb

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