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Sivan Health and Fitness Basalt Lava Hot Stone Massage 60 Piece set- Relaxation at its peak!

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Sivan Health and Fitness Basalt Lava Hot Stone Massage 60 Piece set- Relaxation at its peak!


Other Details

60 Stones

Key Features

  • BASALT LAVA HOT STONE MASSAGE SET – 60 STONES – Each stone carrying an amazing quality of providing relief

  • INCLUDES – Extra – Large stones for back, Large stones for back and legs, Medium stones for hands and arms, and Small stones for neck and face

  • PROVIDES massage therapy – Improves blood circulation for optimum body functioning

  • KEEPS the body and mind fine-tuned – Relieves aching muscles and strains

  • HEALTHIEST replacement of stress relieving substitutes – GREAT quality and ATTRACTIVE packaging


Product Description

In today’s world most people don’t take time to relax from their busy schedules and end up with various health problems and disorders. But Sivan Health and Fitness has provided the perfect solution by launching its latest hot stone massage kit which can be used for relaxing massages personally as well as professionally. Sivan Health and Fitness Basalt Lava Hot Stone Massage, set of 60 stones, is the perfect choice for any spa, salon or message therapy institute as it will leave any client feeling relaxed and rejuvenated! The stones vary in shape and in size so that they can be used on different parts of the body and for multiple types of massages. Included in the set are large stones which are specifically designed to relieve aching muscles in the legs and back, medium sized stones that can be used for massage on the hands and arms, and small stones for the face and neck. The kit also comes with a user manual which means that even non-professional individuals can use this amazing stone massage kit for personal massage. Sivan Healthy and Fitness Basalt Lava Hot Stones are all hand polished and posses the quality of impressing the masseurs and the clients. Without much effort the masseurs can also relax while giving massage by placing the right stone on the right part of the body. It produces optimum body functioning and boosts the heart rate to process the nutrients and toxins. It also provides the clients with muscle relaxation. It is preferred by the professionals for its ancient qualities and promising effects. Sivan Health and Fitness Basalt Lava Hot Stone Massage Set with 60 Piece Set comes in a beautiful wooden box, which masseurs usually keep as is in order to show the clients what quality they are getting and how impactful the massage will be.



Shipping Dimensions Shipping Dimensions 16.5"*6"*10.5"

Shipping Weight Shipping Weight 14.5 lb

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