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Sivan Health and Fitness Back Massage Acupressure Mat (Green)

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Sivan Health and Fitness Back Massage Acupressure Mat (Green)


Other Details

Green / White

Key Features

  • RELAXES THE ENTIRE BODY WITH ACUPRESSURE POINTS: This particular acupressure mat has about 8,820 pressure points which will help the user relax entirely. It will target all specific areas on your back to relieve stress and tension and will allow you to feel more relaxed than ever.

  • THERAPEUTIC BENEFITS: The Sivan Health and Fitness acupressure mat is not only used to relieve tension in the back muscles, but also has therapeutic benefits which will promote overall wellness and create a stress free feeling in the mind and body.

  • MADE FROM HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: This mat is environment friendly as it has been made from high quality cotton that poses no risk to the environment at all.

  • FOAM INSERT INCLUDED: The acupressure mat from Sivan Health and Fitness has one foam insert included so that the user can enjoy a relaxing session right after purchasing the mat. No more waiting to unwind.

  • NATURAL AND HOLISTIC HEALTH APPROACH: Rather than focusing on the medicinal approach to stress; you can emphasize the connection of your mind, body, and spirit by using this acupressure mat and avoid the side effects of chemical relaxants.


Product Description

Today’s tough lifestyle and busy routines has made everybody exhausted to the bone. Nobody has time for relaxation and as a result a lot of people face health and fitness issues. After a tiring day at work nothing relaxes better than a good acupressure massage and it is for this reason that Sivan Health and Fitness has designed this high end acupressure massage mat for its customers. Now even if you don’t have anybody to offer you a massage, you can very well relax on the mat and massage the pressure points on your back relieving yourself of the entire day’s tension. This acupressure massage mat is a must have if you are looking to regain your lost energy levels or if you want to enhance your overall wellbeing. The Sivan Health and Fitness acupressure mat will help you relax your back and all the tension points with a focus that refreshes you to your soul. This is your ideal unwinding partner. If you want you can take the mat along anywhere, you can take it outdoors if you want to and use it to relax and become stress free from everything crowding your life. Target specific tension points on your body with this acupressure mat or just ensure overall wellbeing. You deserve to treat yourself after a hard day at work and this mat is exactly what you need to unwind. Trust Sivan Health and Fitness for it, your body will thank you later.



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