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Sivan Health and Fitness 18QHTR Professional Stone Heating Water Reservoir for Hot Stone Massage

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Sivan Health and Fitness 18QHTR Professional Stone Heating Water Reservoir for Hot Stone Massage


Other Details

18 Quart

Key Features

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Easy to use stone heating water reservoir with removable reservoir for heated water –Effortlessly change the water in the reservoir once it gets old or has been used for two or three treatments

  • PREHEAT SETTINGS: Inbuilt preheat settings up to 375 degrees to heat the water quickly and effectively

  • STONE SCOOP AND PEN THEREMOMETER: Bamboo scoop which can be easily used to scoop up the stones and use them for massage therapies – Pen thermometer allows masseuse to check the temperature of the stones at any time

  • LARGE CAPACITY: Reservoir can contain up to 18 quarts of water and hold 100 stones – Can be used for professional massage centers as well as personal use

  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE SETTINGS: Adjustable water temperature setting with a range of 120-150 degrees so that desired temperature can be maintained 


Product Description

This is exactly what every massage center needs for professional hot stone massage therapies. Sivan Health and Fitness have developed this water reservoir hot stone heating machine for professionals so that they can deliver comfortable hot stone massages without having to waste time manually heating the stones or using third grade systems for stone heating.

This is a very easy to use machine as it has a removable water reservoir allowing masseuses to maintain their hygiene. Masseuses can easily clean the water reservoir and refill it for next massage therapies and stone heating. This is the latest stone heating system that has a capacity of 18 quartz and has a sturdy base. You can easily drop stones in the pot and it won’t break, unlike the regular ones which are delicate to use as well.

This is a system that is ideal for use by beauticians and masseuses as it can be used for manicures, facials, pedicures as well as hot stone massage therapies. The water reservoir is easy to fill and clean and therefore not a hassle to use at all.

Sivan Health and Fitness has designed the product with state of the art technology and ease of user in mind. The machine can maintain a constant and very even temperature needed by masseuses or beauticians. It has a temperature indicator light so that the user can know when the desired temperature has been reached. The machine comes with an adjustable temperature setting which allows proper and constant heating between 120-150 degrees.


Shipping Dimensions Shipping Dimensions 25.5"*10"*18"

Shipping Weight Shipping Weight 18 lb

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