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Sivan Health and Fitness Adjustable Back Balance Ball Chair with Arm Rests, Ball, and Pump

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Sivan Health and Fitness Adjustable Back Balance Ball Chair with Arm Rests, Ball, and Pump


Other Details

Metal / polyester
Back Adjustable with Arm Rest

Key Features

  • Durable and high quality back balance ball. Designed to yield great results for the perfect body posture.

  • This portable chair can easily be kept at home or office, so that you can work on your back while you’re at work.

  • Ideal for stretching, correcting your posture and improving blood circulation.

  • Best equipment for physical rehabilitation and effective in preventing spine disorder.

  • It is available in Black and comes with weight bearing adjustable back, black balance ball, and pump.


Product Description

Sivan health is the hub for best gym products. Are you in the market for back balance ball? Don’t look elsewhere, as we have the best product available. The ball comes with a pump and a rolling base for increased mobility and accessibility. So too, the wheels can be locked to allow you to use it hassle free. Not every product in the market delivers that which it promises. Sivan adjustable back balance ball chair will definitely do that, efficiently. This chair is best for enhancing the blood flow and correcting the body posture. This chair also acts as a shock absorber, when you are seated on it; it gives you the perfect ergonomic position. This purchase includes a black balance & stability ball as well as a pump to inflate the ball. Manufacture recommends sitting low, as it is better for your back. For people who prefer sitting higher, for example sitting by a higher desk or just taller people, look out for Manufactures height extenders, or replace the ball with a bigger ball. If you are someone who finds it hard to take the time out for the gym from their hectic schedule, this is just for you. It will allow you to work on strengthening your key muscles without setting foot in the gym. This gives you the freedom to work on your body, even while you are at the office. The product has been designed and manufactured using only the best quality material. Therefore, there is no doubt over its durability. You will not be disappointed with what this product has to offer.



Shipping Dimensions Shipping Dimensions 6.875"*22.75"*23"

Shipping Weight Shipping Weight 22 lb

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