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Sivan Health and Fitness Burst Resistant Yoga Exercise Fitness Pilates Stability Ball with Pump 75cm Pink

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Sivan Health and Fitness Burst Resistant Yoga Exercise Fitness Pilates Stability Ball with Pump 75cm Pink


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Key Features

  • ROUND FITNESS BALL FOR SCULPTING THE ENTIRE BODY: this round gym ball ensures that the user can perform strenuous exercises to sculpt the entire body, get slimmer hips and rock hard abs with tough exercising routines

  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN FOR GOOD POSTURE: this ball has been designed to offer maximum comfort while exercising and also to allow the user to ensure that a good posture is maintained throughout exercising.

  • HIGH STABILITY: the ball has been designed to offer maximum stability and sturdy support to the user who intends to use it for exercising. It will be able to bear all weight without slipping as it uses high end anti-slipping technology.

  • HIGH QUALITY PLASTIC: the Sivan Health and Fitness exercise gym ball uses high quality PVC free plastic which will ensure it is safe for usage and pose no health risks at all.

  • ACHIEVE DIVERSE POSES: Yoga workouts include many different poses; this yoga ball will provide the extra support to help you accomplish the correct moves, which require endurance and flexibility, while improving your balance. So too, it will add a balance challenge for some poses.


Product Description

Fitness is mandatory if you want good health and want to ensure a healthy lifestyle. A lot of people can opt for gym while others want to exercise from the comfort of their home. It is for both types of people that Sivan Health and Fitness has designed and made available their exercise fitness ball and pump on Amazon. The ball has been made from high quality PVC free plastic and therefore has enough stability and strength to ensure it bears any weight which is put onto it. The ball is good for personal fitness regimes and commercial gyms can also order the ball in bulk quantity via Amazon. The unique construction of the ball ensures that it is stable during all types of exercises and thus allows the user to sculpt the entire body. This particular fitness ball can be used to perform exercises for slimmer hips and for rock hard abs. Also, the ball will improve posture and core strength so that people can achieve their maximum fitness by working out hard with this fitness ball. This fitness ball is an amazing investment to your personal fitness as it will allow you to perform a number of exercises on it and get the body you so desire. Say goodbye to your fat old self and be prepared to say hello to an amazing, well sculpted body of your dreams with the Sivan Health and Fitness exercise ball.



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